Need urgent medical assistance from a general practitioner outside office hours?
Call the GP urgent care center:
088 130 96 00

Monday to Friday: 5.00 pm - 8.00 am
Weekends and public holidays: 24 hours a day

Outside these opening hours, please contact your general practitioner.

The GP urgent care center: how does it work?

Only for emergencies outside office hours
The urgent care center (UCC) is GP-led and is meant exclusively for cases of emergency occurring at night, on weekends and during public holidays.

Always make sure to call first
You cannot simply visit the UCC. You need to call in advance to make sure you receive the help you require quickly. When you dial the UCC’s number, you will be given a number of options. In the event of a potentially life-threatening situation, press 1 to be given priority.

Details to hand during your phone call
Always have your details ready to hand: these include your (EU) insurance pass, ID and a list of any medications you might be using.

What to expect when you call
When you call us, a triage assistant will answer the phone. This assistant has been trained to determine instantly how serious your complaints are and how to proceed. This happens in consultation
with the doctor in attendance. Next, there are three possibilities:
1. Telephone advice: You will be given an explanation and self-care advice by telephone (verified by the general practitioner).
2. Consultation at the UCC: You will make an appointment to visit the centre. You will be examined by a general practitioner or a nurse (verified by the general practitioner).
3. Consultation at your home address (house call by the general practitioner): A doctor will only make a house call if for medical reasons you are unable to visit the UCC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to call first?
In urgent cases, it is important that you are given the right help as quickly as possible. A telephone call is the fastest way to determine what the patient needs.

Can triage assistants provide medical advice?
Yes, they can. Triage assistants receive special training so they can quickly ascertain how serious your complaints are. You can rely on their expertise. Any medical advice they give is always verified
by the doctor in attendance.

Can I visit the urgent care center if I am too busy during the day?
No, you cannot. The UCC is meant for emergencies only.

Does the urgent care center provide medication?
No, a UCC may not provide medication. If medication is required, you will be given a prescription that you should submit to the pharmacy service.

Any compliments or complaints?

Of course we would like to know whether you are pleased with our services. If you are not, please make sure you discuss any issues you have immediately at the GP urgent care center.

You may also submit complaints in writing. Our complaints mediator will contact you as soon as possible.

RHOGO Huisartsen Spoedpost
Steijnlaan 16
1217 JS Hilversum

Alternatively, you may address the independent complaints commission:
Huisartsenzorg Midden-Nederland
P.O. Box 20056 | 3502 LB Utrecht

Address & directions

UCC Blaricum
The GP urgent care center (UCC) is located on the premises of Tergooi ziekenhuis Blaricum
Rijksstraatweg 3
1261 AN Blaricum
Phone: 088 130 96 00

Opening hours
Monday to Friday:
5.00 pm – 8.00 am
Weekends and public holidays:
24 hours a day
Outside these opening hours, please contact your general practitioner.

By car: on the A1 motorway, take exit 8 (Blaricum) and follow the signs for Tergooi Ziekenhuis (hospital). At the entrance to the hospital, follow the sign ‘Huisartsenpost’.

Paid parking is available near the entrance.

By public transport: the UCC is easy to reach by bus (Connexxion). For the bus schedule, please call 0900-92 92 (€ 0.70/min) or visit www.9292.nl.

Outside offi ce hours of regular pharmacies, you can contact the service pharmacy (dienstapotheek) for medication. This pharmacy is located opposite the UCC and keeps the same opening hours.

Always have your ID with you when you visit the UCC.

Laan van Tergooi 2
1212 VG Hilversum

Laan van Tergooi 2
1212 VG Hilversum